Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Refreshing & Delicious Strawberry Mango Lime fruit salad!

I know that this is not a very complicated fruit salad, but the taste combinatioin is incredible.  So I had to share it!  I just went to Sams's club and they had great deals on the mangoes, the strawberries and the limes.  So to fend off a late night dessert attack last night I made this.
It was so delicious!! All you need is a handful of strawberries, a lime ( or just a wedge or two), and a champagne mango.
 I know some people are not familiar with the best way to cut a mango so I demonstrated it here.  It makes it much easier.  You simple cut off the two sides of the mango, leaving the slice with the seed as thin as possible.  Then as pictured below you score the mango first lengthwise and then width wise.
 When you are done you should be able to pop it inside out and have little chunks ready to go.  You can see that I cut a little too deep as you should not cut through the skin at all.  This is how we cut mango when we just eat the mango off the skin.  We drizzle with fresh lime and eat the chunks right off.
For the salad you follow the steps above to cut the mango then flick the chunks off with you thumb nail into the bowl.  Slice up your strawberries however you like and squeeze your lime wedges over the top.  That is it! Just stir it up and enjoy!
Simple, healthy and INCREDIBLY tasty!

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