Wednesday, December 28, 2011


First of all I have to say this has been the longest I have ever gone with out blogging and I am sorry.  Christmas with 4 kids is a crazy time!  I had so many ideas I wanted to share...  Carmel corn that tastes AMAZING  with out corn syrup and chemical margarine, the felt Christmas tree shaped advent calendar I had such a fun time making, the year of dates I gave my husband and the fun envelope book I made to give it in.... I could go on and on, however the point is that although I was crafting and thinking of you all I just couldn't find the time to craft, blog, and spend time with the fam.  Seeing as they are so cute they won out!

I just spent the last few days ransacking my house for things we did not need, use or LOVE.  After two days I had piled my entry (TINY entry/ sewing space/crafting area/office/homeschool area) full of 6 GIANT black trash bags of unneeded toys,clothes, kitchen stuff, shoes, etc...  With all the new Christmas presents for the kids from so many generous family members the old stuff had to go!  We have a small 1200 Square ft house with 6 people in it so we cannot afford to keep junk we do not need or love!  I am still not done.  In fact I am taking a break to write this.  I had planned to post a photo of my overflowing entry area but I jumped at the chance to have it all leave the house with my husband who was on his way to work, and in our rush I forgot to get a photo. I must say I am so glad to get it all out!

I am really trying to change my thinking when it comes to stuff.  I want to keep only things we need and love and feel the freedom to pass on what we do not need.  Clutter is so much harder to live with.  There are more things to put away, no place to put things and more things to maintain. NO MORE!! I think there is a mentality that says I may need this later, or I don't want to be wasteful but that doesn't leave room for generosity and simpler living.  So as I weed my house out BEFORE the new year I hope to encourage you to do the same.  Share what someone else could benefit from and you get the benefit of an easier lifestyle.  Less to clean up, take care of, and worry about!  Happy sorting!  Love to hear your thoughts on how you keep it simple and steer clear of clutter.


Mama Fry said...

Hurrah for you. I am doing the same thing, with an added need to de-clutter for relocation to another state. Keep up the good work.

Ashley P. said...

Great idea! I do this VERY often as our house is small, I hate clutter, and no one even misses A THING...myself included. That's why I'm such a thrift store shopper. I bought it cheap and used...and I give it back cheap and used! LOVE THE WAY YOU THINK! Happy New Year Friend. =)

Marcy Payne said...

Good job!! We have a 980sq foot house (with a finished basement, which helps) and I know what you are talking about. We also have to ALWAYS declutter. It's amazing how things pile up seemingly instantly. Oh how I hate the mess but it seems to be all around me all the time, and that's WITH taking things to the thrift store regularily. The stuff from school, whether you HS or public school, it piles up like crazy! I am about to do another purge. I have wanted to keep things up as if we are moving, so that when/if we do I won't have to do a big haul then.