Monday, December 19, 2011

CUTE printable Christmas tags in many different styles!

Right now it feels like I have money coming out my pores right now! There are a million things to buy for Christmas, presents, groceries, stockings, tape, scissors, and the list goes on so why not make what you can.  Here are some GREAT printable gift tags in all kinds of styles.  Hope this takes one more thing OFF your list!

Gift Tags

 More great tags from Miss Cutie Pie (all of the following 3)

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scrapbooking tag templates

Need something more refines?  How about these by Blush Printables

There are tons more on the internet but I will let you start with these before I overwhelm you.  Enjoy!  I have  more homemade inexpensive AWESOME gift ideas coming soon!


Ashley P. said...

Printing right now! THANK YOU KRISTY! My kids will be cutting like little elves for me. =)

Sarah said...

Live them! Thanks!

Soong Type Princess said...

Thanks great blog.