Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Need some crafty Christmas inspiration?

I Love Christmas!! Love, love, love it! There are so many fun crafty things to do.  It is a creative time of year with plenty of fun for paper crafts,baking, family fun, sewing and so much more.  I have found some fun things for myself and the kids to do, and we have been loving it.  I have 4 kiddos aged 1-7 so getting to play with paint, paper, colors and fabric is a great way to spend the afternoon.  Here are a few of our favorite things we are doing right now.

Make gift tags - We can use them in so many ways.  Aside from gift toppers we use them to make ornaments (put a photo of each child on the back and then laminate the whole thing), practice our coloring and cutting and use them as fronts for greeting cards as well.  You can water color on them as well just print on card stock.
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We also like to stamp out designs with rubber stamps and paint, color, or use markers to create gift tags as well.  The ones below would make great recipe cards to go with food gifts, and they even have matching gift tags.  These cute printable tags came from 4 shared.
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Here is one more set of printable gift tags for those colorful people in your life!  I love these.
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Make a stocking!- Stockings are fun presents and pretty easy to make.  They are also a great project for kids or adults new to sewing. Here is a great pattern from Moda Bake Shop

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I like to use old sweaters or old scarves to create easy stockings that look knit!

Like to embroider?  Check out this cute embroidery pattern by Bad Bird's

It would also make a really cute coloring sheet as well.
Speaking of coloring sheets your kids will love these snowmen that you can color and cut out.
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Want to make them 3-D? Color them cut them out and attach them to the front of a toilet paper roll so that you can stand them up.

Fun snowmen sewing ideas? Right here! I love these snowmen made out of..SOCKS! A fun crafty project  to do with the kids when it is too cold to do them outside or in warmer climates who have no snow to make them with! Full instructions found at Then she made.  
Well, I have to run and spend some time with hubby before I get sucked into sharing every good idea I have seen on pinterest!  I will save some ideas for a later post.  Happy crafting!  Love to know what crafts you are up to this holiday season.  Inspire me!

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