Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Short on time? SHORT workouts that DELIVER!!

I am sure that a lot of you are on the same page as me when it comes to working out.  You started strong in spring or summer but now that school and extracurricular activities have started up again your workouts have suffered.  I went from 4 heavy duty workouts a week plus a lot of walking to a lot of sitting with Pierce for homeschool and a broken stroller that cut my walking down to almost nothing.  So two months later, after the slow accidental decline of my workouts, I am noticing a difference, in a bad way.  My clothes feel tighter and I feel just the opposite.

I cannot return ,unfortunately, to the same routine I had going.  I was doing  Zumba two nights a week and two mornings of  insanity or P-90X with friends. Now my schedule is so much tighter with preschool drop off and pick up as well as homeschool, plus a kids club at the church on the same night as Zumba, and my dance class is the same night as the other zumba class.  The homeschool and preschool drop off make it hard to get to the other morning classes so I need to get motivated.

The hard thing about this time of year is the additional, sweets and other unhealthy foods, as well as the busier schedules that comes with this seasons celebrations.  I think that what I need are some short, easy to remember, EFFECTIVE workouts I can squeeze in anywhere. I will defiantly add in walking with the kids to  pick up Dahlia from preschool when the kids are awake from their naps early enough.

After searching pinterest for some ideas here are a few I plan on using that I think will help you squeeze in a few more workouts too.

This particular one I have seen floating around for awhile in various forms.  I did this workout today and felt like it was indeed simple to understand, easy to remember and works up a good sweat.  I hope to do it a few times  a day to get some added benefit.  Maybe I can squeeze in a quick one before breakfast, mid day and evening.  This video is by .

Here is another plan that looks simple and easy to break down and fit into our busy schedules.
Pinned Image
Another quick and easy(BUT EFFECTIVE) workout for your legs from tan & toned.  This would work into the above schedule perfectly for the leg segments.

Here is another idea for your arms to fit into the above workout schedule from Skinny yoga girl.

Lean Arms

  To make the most of this be sure to see my post with a link to a printable diet and exercise journal, and healthy eating 101, as well as the ones on health and fitness all through out my blog.  You can find some great healthy recipes here as well..  Have fun browsing around.  Hope this helps you get motivated.

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