Friday, November 11, 2011

Freebie Friday! Printables to have some fun with the kids!

It's freebie Friday! So here are some fun things for the kids to do.  I love Friday!  We homeschool and Friday is a day off.  We just do extra during the week and have a day that only has Bible class and art on the schedule.  We really enjoy it.  Sat has dance classes and other things to do so this is our truly free to play day.  We can get a slower start, work on art projects and not have to worry about being anywhere or accomplishing anything major.  For our art class on Fri I usually work out of a "how to" style art book (drawing, painting, etc..) or find something fun from pinterest for the kids to do.

My kids are working on the snowman paper doll as we speak.

Pinned Image
These snowmen are from Danielle’s Place of Crafts and Activities I had to zoom in (in google chrome) to 144% to make this bigger( to fit a full page) before I printed it out.  These are fun to print out, color, cut out and paste onto construction paper how you like it, or keep as paper dolls or use as a pattern on felt to make a make a felt "paper doll" with changeable clothes for a felt board.  If you do use it as a pattern for felt you can blow it up before you print it so it is larger and then once you have cut out the shapes from different colors of felt use a permanent marker to draw in the missing lines.

Check out these fun Thanksgiving themed printables I found from reading with kids!

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Or some fun actives or Thanksgiving place mats for the kids.
Thanksgiving Word Search Placemat
Or try coloring these free mandalas from Art is Fun. These are fun for markers, colored pencils or water paint.  Even moms like these! Fun to laminate for place mats as well.

Free Mandala Design to Print and Color!
Mandala Designs to Print
Now go print off some fun!


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