Thursday, February 26, 2009


We found our land!! We are going to put it under contract on Monday!! It has almost 200 feet of beach! You are in the perfect place to see the sun set between the two islands right in front of our land. Our piece is currently completely overgrown but as part of the contract they cut out any shrub or undergrowth or tree that is smaller in diameter than a mans arm. Then after that we pay to have it cleared to our specifications and pay to have all the rocks in the sand raked out. The labor rate here is $10 a day per guy!! It is the opposite of the US where things are cheap and labor is expensive. Here things are EXPENISVE like you would not believe and labor is cheap.

This piece is about 1/2 acre but is laid out perfectly along the water. We could put several little bungalows for rent to international tourists and locals who want to get away for the weekend. or for friends and missionaries to visit. We have been working on this little plan for a while so we are excited! It would take a while to get it all built and we would stay in our current rental for another 6 months at least probably a year as we get all the financing to build and start building.

The price is just over the amount we have saved up from the sale of our house in Alaska so we need to get a little more before closing. Closing generally takes a few months. You give them a big chunk of it now with all the contingency clauses in place like contingent on financing etc.. and then in 3 month you settle with the rest of it. Meanwhile they would be busy clearing all the undergrowth and small trees.

There are coconut trees, banana trees, breadfruit and more. It is zoned commercial which is amazing as usually it is a big headache and $25,000 to get it done. It is also located in an area the has a road JUST being finished. (thank you America and your 40 million dollar grant for a road around the island!!) The road is currently not that great but they are working on it now (a Very professional New Zealand group) and it should be done by the time we close. There is no electricity or water. All these things are a plus for us because they are all coming but we are buying at the price before they come! We wanted to do solar power and wind etc..anyway.

It is also the FIRST lot as you come in to Havana Harbor. Havana Harbor is a famous area for swimming with dolphins and turtles, marlin and other sport fishing, snorkeling, and other eco beach recreation. You look over Lelepa Island, Hat Island and Moso island. Hat Island and Lelepa Island are famous tourist spots with caves, famous chief graves, and early cave drawings. That will be great for business. The price (although high for us) is excellent for here not to mention the fact that it is commercially zoned and has all that beach front. The only reason we know about it is that Josh went in to this realtor on Monday and the previous Fri this exclusive listing (no one else could sell it) had fallen out of contract. The people backed out cause they changed their mind on wanting beachfront and wanted to build in town instead.

Every realtor we have talked to said they would keep an eye out but they said we needed a reality check for what we want for the price we have to pay. Well we found it!! THANK YOU JESUS!! We feel such a peace about this and everyone we talk to confirms what a great deal it is. So we are excited! Please pray for all the proceedings. We still have to gather a little more capital before closing so please pray for that, and please pray that Josh gets a job soon!

Josh handed in 3 resumes to good prospects yesterday and is calling one other good prospect today. PLEASE PRAY we need a job soon! A good job. Thanks for all your prayers! Plan on coming out in a year to visit our little mini resort!!

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