Monday, February 9, 2009

Made it to New Zealand

Well we made it! To new Zealand anyway. WE have a few days here before we arrive the 7th in Vanuatu. GOd really blessed us with no baggage fees. WE had 3 bags that were 70lbs (we know cause we carefully weighed them). WE knew the limit was 50 lbs and got all 5 other pieces of luggage under that (or exactly to it!) But there were 3 three that should of cost us $30 each. I had jokingly and half seriously been praying for a scale miracle (broken scale or light wieghing scale...) Would you know it we got in a seperate line cause we had paper tickets and as we tried to sort out other details they just grabbed our bags and put them on the conveigher belt without weighing them! Then toward the end they grabbed one and only one to weigh it and it weighed exactly 50 lbs! I suppose he is Lord even over the tiny details of life! What an odd miracle but we needed it and we will take it!

Pierce had a little difficulty on the trip over as he was so tired that he started to seriously hallucinate and for a long period of time (over a span of 3 hours!). He would lay down and then sit up eyes wide open and say wierd things like "Where is the hook it was just right here?" Then he would lay down and start talking with his eyes closed "Dahlia its mine, give it back!" Then wake up crying he couldn't get comfortable and do it all over again. It lasted several hours and we just kept praying he would fall asleep. Once he finally did all was well. Dahlia did good and we were able put here in a bassinet thing that attaches to the bulkhead wall. So she got plenty of sleep. Thank you all for your prayers!

We only had one other mishap in that someone accidently took our bag at the airport cause theirs was an exact duplicate but they realized later that day and we got ours back. Strange, I buy a duffel style suitcase at a thrift store and its exact twin shows up in New Zealand on our flight! They were probably surprised to get to their destination open their bag and see a bunch of kids clothes. Anyway we were glad to get it back. We are at the YWAM base here in New Zealand and are headed out with some friends of my parents today to do some sight seeing. It is windy but warm. Anyway just wanted to let you know we made it safely!

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