Tuesday, February 17, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLIA! She is 2 yrs old today! Thank you Lord for our wonderful girl! We bought two pieces of cake (all decorated) to celebrate with and balloons a beach toy set and we will get her a few needed dresses. We don't have an oven to bake anything in so I am glad we found a cake shop! She isn't feeling too well today. Josh is home down and out and Pierce & and I are also mildly sick. Please pray for all of us. We will celbrate Dahlias bday later today.

Tommorow we get together with a group that is planning all the youth ministry the preschool, after school care, and youth group type stuff. So that will be good. I am looking forward to getting started on something. Just sitting around the house gets old so this should be fun. Well keep in touch! Kristy

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