Sunday, April 26, 2009

Efalias Village where we live


Hello everyone this is Josh,

I’d like you to sit back, relax, and put your feet up as we take a tour of our village.

This is our house.  We have the nicest house in a Very very poor neighborhood.  It is a 525 sqft. 2 bedroom 1 bath bungalow.  The ocean is 50 yards behind us.  We enjoy banana and pipi, (papaya), and avocado trees on the property.  We have recently added screens to the windows to keep put unwanted visitors!  We truly are blessed to have such a nice home .  We do not have much of a kitchen (ie no stove or appliances other than a fridge) but it is nice.  We also have learned the art of hand washing or rather we are trying to…. :0


If you were standing on our front porch, which someday you could be, you would notice the village church.  Directly to the left of this photo is our house.  The church is Presbyterian.  We’re also hoping this will become our preschool building!  We will be asking if we have preschool on days there are not church activities.  We don’t know the outcome so we will see.  Please keep that in prayer.

Now lets take a look at some houses from left to right from what you can see from our porch.


There are three houses in the above picture.  All of them are one bedroom and zero bath.  Come for a visit and we can arrange one of these cute bungalows for you.


I call this one “ Old Man Sits On Trash Pile”.  If I ever win an award for it he’ll get the proceeds.


I call this one “Bigger View Of Old Man Sits On Trash Pile”.


This shot is the front right of us.  I believe this is a two bedroom???  It’s architecture is in the classic “Alaskan” style, meaning two or more additions attached to the falling apart main structure.  If you can't see, it is constructed out of ANY available material.


And finally to our far right is this humble dwelling.  It is one of the nicer homes, it has the only glass windows I know of.

If we go deeper into the village it gets worse, but this blog would be much to long.  So that will be another journey another day.

I hope you’ve captured some of the essence of village living.  We love it,  except for the burning trash, lice, disease, lack of education, abuse, and starving dogs.

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