Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby coming soon! (due date around Easter)

We spoke to the mamma again about her due date after a check up and the doctor there wanted her to stay in North Efate till Thursday April 9th and then she will get the necessary paper work to be able to have the baby at the hospital  here.  She would like to spend Easter with her family and then she will be coming out here to stay with some family till the baby comes!  So the due date was stretched out till after the 9th and we are hoping baby doesn’t come till the Tues after Easter when she comes here to town.  We (my Australian friend Amanda who has adopted here and speaks Bislama and myself) want to meet her at the hospital no matter what time and bring the baby home from there.  Mary mom of our baby

She is feeling very confident from what it sounds like to adopt out and is not having second thoughts so that is exciting.  We are also really feeling all will go through and we are very excited.  We are praying for our precious baby even in the womb.  A human life is an AWESOME ( I mean it in the most literal way) responsibility and we don’t take it lightly.  We have been trying to get ready physically, emotionally and spiritually, as well as trying to prepare the kids as well.  Not sure you can really fully do that but we are working on it.  Reading lots of books on adoptive families and how to care for a new born adopted baby.  WOW. more complicated than a natural born baby for sure!! A lot of additional issues for sure, so please be praying for us.  We will keep you all informed as we progress1

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