Sunday, March 15, 2009

The “Pikinini” (kiddos) of Pango village

Hi!  Here are the two blogs we have. and You can also pass these links on to anyone who is interested in what we are doing.


I want to start posting photos of  individual kids and telling a short life story on each one and get prayer sponsors for each one.  They are so sweet and No one here pays attention to them.  The moms and dads leave for work in the morning and lock the house and leave the kids outside all day till they get home with NO ONE to watch them.  A lot of our preschool students were found wandering with no one caring for them so the teacher invited them to school.  They need love and attention as well as their physical needs met.  One poor boy Jimmy is mostly deaf and his head is covered in sores and caked on mud and dirt.  The flies just constantly hover and bother him cause no one takes care of him.  His parents just go to work and leave him.  They don't bathe him or anything.  I think they feed him and that’s about all.  most of the kids teeth look rotten already. 


We now will have the toothbrushes that Tracey sent to pass out and keep at school with the toothpaste she sent and we will brush them there.  If they went home there is no guarantee that anybody would help the kids and we only have on toothpaste.


So is it hard here for us..?  It is a definite adjustment with sickness (my stomach is sick today and Joshs throat hurts again) and the heat and the bugs, as well as the change of diet.  Thanks to Gramma Debby who sent 2 giant boxes of what I called "Walmart from heaven!" (boxes of American food with lots of treats like health food, oatmeal even pkged beans and rice, whole wheat pasta, and smoked turkey summer sausage!!!)  we are feasting like kings! but we are doing so well spiritually here.  We are both having great quiet times and really having to trust God on the whole no job thing while we continue to look for one and yet feel so at peace that we are to be here.  We don't want to go just because Josh has no job. IMG_1156

  We know God will provide one in his timing.  We feel very fulfilled in being able to give, and serve.  I have really been meditating on the verse "Whom have I in Heaven but you and earth has nothing I desire besides you,  My heart and my flesh may fail me but God is the strength of my heart and my portion for ever" Psalms somewhere Smile emoticon 


I have really just been asking God for a more eternal perspective to help me not focus on stuff or anything other than finding complete contentment in Him and thinking of others eternity.  It has really been good.  We just feel so much peace and contentment even if we don't have a blender or a tv etc... Our kids are thriving as well and that is so great for us to see.

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