Friday, March 27, 2009

Maybe Baby?

We have been working on a possible adoption since before we cane.  There is a 36 yr old mom who is not married and her boyfriend wants to be rid of the baby by throwing it in ocean.  She has already had 2 kids before and her parents say they will not take any more, so she asked Amanda (the base leaders here at YWAM, and our good friends) if they would adopt it since they say that they had adopted Leanna a now 2 !/2 yr old little Ni-van girl (Ni-van means from Vanuatu).  They said if we would not they would but that they knew of an American couple coming here and looking to adopt (us).  So the talk was started long ago and she has agreed to adopt the baby to us at several times.  However, we have never met her yet.  She lives far away and there are no cars for us to use to get there, so it has all been by phone since the initial visit when Jeff and Amanda first met her, and told her about us. 

We were finally able to track her down by phone and check on the due date by having her cousin William who is staff here with YWAM call her.  I had to press it a bit but it was finally done a few days ago and he said she said she had just had a check up and the DOCTOR SAID SHE IS DUE IN ONE WEEK!! WHOA!! That is SOON! So we are trying (remember there is a language barrier so it is never us talking on the phone) with Amanda’s help to get Mary (the mom) down here to Port Villa to have the baby here.  We are not sure if that is even possible this fast.  She has family to stay with here, but we are not sure if the hospital here needed to have advance notice.  (It isn’t the same as the US).  By the way it only costs $10 to have a baby here!!! I am pretty sure however that the level of care matches the price! 

So we are still having trouble getting a hold of her and sorting things out.  We would like to be there and take the baby at birth to make it easier on everyone.  She was aware that this is how we wanted to do it, but that conversation was a while ago so we will see how it all goes.  We need to at some point find a way out to her village and with Jeff and Amanda (who are friends with the chief) get the chiefs permission to adopt the baby.  That is a bit more of a formality, but it is part of the process.   We really need to talk to her face to face to reconfirm that she is willing to give us the baby and go from there.  Unfortunately that is not likely till she is down here, and we haven’t worked out how or if she is willing to come down here for sure.  I am sure all this is hard to understand as in America we would just hop in our car go meet her and talk to her and start the process.  Not how you do it here. If we had a car we would try, but even still you have to have all the right people with you when you go to translate and assure her of who we are etc..

SO we are calling again today and we hope to know a little more soon.  If all goes as planned we would have a baby… POSSIBLY INSIDE A WEEK!

Are we prepared in the normal sense (clothes, a bed diapers formula…) NO, but spiritually and mentally I think as much as we can be.  So we trust God in this.  If it is His will it work out and if he has a better plan we trust that too cause HE  IS ALWAYS FAITHFULL AND GOOD!! It is hard to be completely in LIMBO.  Our lives could change drastically forever in a week or she could change her mind and we would not have a baby.  BUT I really felt from the Lord we  needed to TRUST HIM IMPLICITLY never doubt His character, and live at peace knowing He knows more and knowing “all things work together for the good of those who love God, and are called according to His purposes” Romans 8:31 

So we will Trust God and keep you informed.  Please please keep us in your prayers!  There are so many facets of this that need prayer

THE MOM, the baby, US, Gods perfect plan, The family……

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