Sunday, March 15, 2009

Neeley photos! Doing pretty good!


First and only fish Josh has caught.  A proud moment with his spear gun and prize!


No we did not eat it!  It was too small to figure out what to do with it!


Dahlia enjoying a sweet moment with our puppy Madeline!

IMG_1216 IMG_1231

Pierces favorite hobby!  Tree climbing,  Good thing to cause pretty soon I will send him up a tree for a coconut or bananas!


Dahlia and I in our unofficial uniform of sundresses trying to hide from the heat in the shade (the house gets too hot in the day to be in it!)

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Matt Neeley said...

WoW !! You really must be a Strong man to haul in such a Gigantic fish ! LOLOLOL. YOUR KILLIN ME!