Tuesday, October 28, 2008


We did it! THank you Lord we completed the sale on our house with out a hitch, and moved our stuff into the shipping container & moved our family to my parents house till the 5th of November!! We sold our house, our 2 cars, tons of our furniture (kept everything special or antique)and are ready to just hop on the plane with our two kids & Petey!! Thank you Jesus we never thought we would get to this point. We had a lot of help from a few amazing friends that we are so gratefull to!!

We are currently at my moms house at 745-4232 and then we are keeping our cell phones 907-841-3630 for me and 907-841-2974 for Josh. Right now we are doing the whole moving thing at my parents. Josh is loving that! Poor guy we literally finished our house Sun evening and started on theirs on Mon. SO I need to go get packing!! My parents have been so good to us and always helping us so we actually don't really mind. We are just excited that they are coming right behind us. They leave here around the 15th of November and will be driving. Our stuff should show up around the 19th in Colorado so then we unpack for a few months over the holidays and set off for Vanuatu sometime in Jan or possibly Feb after our taxes are done. WOw I am tired just reading what I wrote or maybe I am just still tired... the kids have both been really sick the last few days as well with fevers and flus so we are trying to nurse them back to health in the midst of it all. THat plane ride is going to feel so good compared to a 2 week driving foray with 2 kids and a dog that don't like to sit in the car! Again, THANK YOU LORD for airplanes and frequent flyer miles! Blessings to you all and we will write as things progress. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and keep in mind once we hit Colorado we will have VERY limited email access as we will be at my parents house in the canyon that has no internet available. Hope to hear from you all soon. Kristy

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