Sunday, September 28, 2008

WE all got to go into Denali National Park Mid Sept

Great Camping trip into Denali National Park with My parents and Tyson and Ailsa and the whole fam. We went over a few days and had a great time saw some ptarmagin (birds) and Moose and had a wonderful time around the camp fire! Josh even built a mini ropes coures for the kids to climb up and down and over. they also danced alot, chased bubbles, picked berries and my dad much to the delight of Pierce taught the kids the art of finding and using a pea shooter with berries. Everyone had a GREAT TIME. Good food, good fun and good friends. I posted a set of the photos. I need to take more photos. I forgot to take any on my birthday! OOPS. My kids are too cute to not take photos so I will have to get on that. HM.. between the packing!! :)

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