Friday, May 4, 2012

Freebie Friday! - printable budgeting cash envelopes

I love freebies!  I found this great printable to make your own cash envelopes and I LOVE IT!  I am a budget kind of girl.  With 4 kids and a small income we really have to stay on top of our money to make it stretch as far as possible.  The best part is you can make two sets so that you put only 2 weeks worth of your months budgeted amount in each set.  Then you can get a months worth ready at one time without worrying about carrying so much cash.  You can also be ready immediately when you have used up current two weeks worth.

For a really great introduction on how to get started on an envelope cash budgeting system go check out Dave Ramsey's info here.

Happy Budgeting!  

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Waseem said...

like the post and the idea..that's what i want to design a simple Gift Card envelopes of my own.