Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY flip flop makeover just in time for Mother's day!

With mother's day coming up I thought this would make a great quick mother's day present that your mom would love and use all summer long!  Obviously your mom would probably not love the princess motif shown below as much as the little girls I made them for did so you will have to pick out something a little more appropriate.

I first came up with these when I needed a quick, original birthday present for a friend's daughter.  She loved them!  Cute, customized flip flops.  My little girls LOVED them so of course I had to make them each a few pairs.
Let's get started.  You need just a few basic crafting supplies plus the correct sized flip flops.
Gather your supplies:

 Flip flops in the right size. I got mine from the dollar store.
Ribbon, fabric, trim, buttons and any other accessories you might want to add to the front.
Fusible interfacing that is large enough to cover the sole of the flip flops.
Glue.  You can use e-6000 craft glue or other strong adhesive.  Glue gun will eventually come off the straps if you are gluing directly to the plastic straps.

The first step is to remove the straps by using small needle nose pliers as shown below.
 Next you will need to trace the shape of the flip flop onto the fusible interfacing and onto the fabric so that you can cut out the exact size needed. Please note that theblack marker was a bad idea.  Use a pencil or something lighter!

 Take your fusible interfacing and your fabric and lay them on your flip flop so that you can iron them to your flip flop sole.  Make sure to not miss any spots and be extra careful to get all the edges really well.  This is important to make sure that the fabric sole lasts as long as the shoes do.
Pierce the fabric where the flip flop strap originally went through.  Do this from top to bottom so that the fabric pokes down into the hole.
 Now before we attach the straps you need to wrap the straps in fabric.  Use your glue as you go around the strap to secure the fabric as you wrap.
 To add the flower in front you need to cut the stem off the flower.
 Adhere it with your craft glue to the fabric covered strap.
Now reattach the strap to the flip flop paying close attention to make sure that bottom of the straps wrap in like normal.
That is it! You are done!  Well unless you are like me and have multiples left to make for the little girlies in your house.  Below is a simple ribbon version.

Start by attaching ribbon to the flip flop straps with your craft glue.

 Now make a figure 8 bow and then glue each side in like the photos above and below.
Now create a center piece for your flip flop with a button and ribbon by weaving the ribbon through the button and gluing the ribbon to the button so that it creates a bow shape.
 That's it!  Enjoy!  The possibilities are endless, and inexpensive too!

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