Thursday, August 13, 2009

What is that… a pig for sale in the classifieds? A bit of local culture…

Josh and I laughed so hard at this…ONLY IN VANUATU!  See if you can translate this..It is in Bishlama.  I will give you a hint.  Just say it out loud phonetically.  Hope you laugh as much as we did. 

Me salem won male pig

blong 45,000vt ($450!).  Tusk I kamaot long hem.  Spos yu interest plis call….(#)”

Ok too funny!  It says I am selling a male pig for $450, With long tusks.  If you are interested please call.  Who sells a pig in the classifieds next to the boats, trucks etc..


This was a local pig hanging around the medical clinics we had going a while back in a village.  Pigs have great significance in the culture and are still used for all celebrations, funerals, and weddings etc…

The best part is trying reading it out loud with your best impression of an island accent.  I won’t even get into what they call breast feeding as this is a G rated blog!  Let me just say the language was created by traders from the islands picking up the sailors English ,some of which was potty mouth slang, to make it easier for business.  So yeah the words for going to the bathroom “piss-piss & sitsit” when sounded out are awfully similar to our swear word for the same!  Pretty fun language to learn.  Makes you laugh….

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