Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been busy with immigration and adoption stuff & Josh has been building a Christian school

Josh (and sometimes Pierce) have been busy building a christian school with some missionaries from our church.  They are thrilled to have Josh as they have teams of volunteers at different times but not many skilled in carpentry so Josh is a HUGE help.  He is getting ready when this school is done to help our pastor some more with his house now that the container of supplies has arrived from Australia.  He is really enjoying getting to work in his field and really bless these guys.


For the last several weeks I have been pouring myself into the immigration and adoption process trying to get Bella either a visitors visa or full citizenship.  The full citizenship is really difficult as we have no embassy here.  Please be praying!! If we cannot get the full immigration process done we really need to get a visitors visa so that we can all come to the US to spend the holidays with my family.  We are aiming for Nov 11th.  Please pray we can get a visitors visa for Bella if not citizenship. 

Dahlia and Bella at the track

Dahlia loving on her sister

My gramma is very sick with pancreatic cancer and so it is very important to us to get back and spend some time with her.  Because of this recent turn of events my parents will be heading home in a week.  SO we totally understand and think it is definitely the best thing to do, but we will miss them sorely!!!  They were originally going to stay through mid Oct so we are bummed, but know that is the best for them and gramma.  Please pray for her.


Pierce and Dahlia love having them here to play with!  Pierces birthday is coming up on the 20th of this month so we are planning on getting everyone together at the pool at the resort for a good time if we can get some sunshine.  We have had several weeks of rain and gloom, but not too cold.DSCN0099_edited-1


I better sign off for now and hang out with my buddy Pierce who is patiently waiting for me while Dahlia and Bella sleep….

Blessings, Kristy and the fam

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