Friday, May 15, 2009


THANK YOU ALL YOU PRAYERS!  WE sent out our 911 prayer request for us while Josh was sick and we were all going crazy with only one parent well.  The kids usually have a REALLY hard time going to bed, actually Dahlia has a hard time and sometimes Bella. IMG_1550

(Dahlia doing her sassy power walk it is so funny!)

IMG_1557 Pierce does really well.

    Every (I MEAN EVERY!!!) night she wakes up several times and wont cant whatever go to sleep with out someone laying down with her for a while (usually till she is almost asleep and we sneak out, then she notices screams crys and eventually  I go in again...)  Last night was awful she wouldn't fall asleep and I was SO tired and Bella wouldn't sleep, so they took turns crying till late, and the house was a mess, cause I couldn't do anything but feed and hold Bella and get meals.

Dahlia & Bella on bed (the two culprits!! )

Poor Josh was out on the couch really sick with a stomach bug or food poisoning... And today started the same..Josh is still sick but since the kids were exhausted we started them to bed very early and BECAUSE OF YOUR PRAYERS we had EVERYONE (kids) in bed quiet by 7! with out another peep!! NOTHING!! we were even able to watch a movie with out one single interuption,,, (well almost Josh's stomach flared up a bit but still )AMAZING!!  Can I just say again that NEVER happens.  THANK YOU GOD!! We are so blessed by your prayers.  WE needed that peace and quiet to recharge for the next day.  we were running on fumes!  We watched Fireproof what an awesome movie!!  Thank you all so much for your prayers.  just wanted to let you know right away they are working and we are feeling them!  Love you guys, Kristy

PS mom and dad hope you are not expecting an immaculate home with a guest room!  We will be giving you our living room with a sheet for a wall (that is if you brought a spare one! he he), and we will aim to have the dishes done and to hide the laundry!  Love you guys can’t wait!

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