Sunday, May 31, 2009

The little house we just moved into


We just moved from the other house about 2 blocks away to this house.  My parents are still staying in the house we were in the village.  We moved so we could get the kids out of the village (This house is off the main road right before the village) for sickness reasons and a more convenient walk with the stroller to YWAM.  Now we can avoid the giant mud puddles that are really  hard to navigate in the stroller.  As soon as our lease is up in July my parents will move out of the other place and we will see what we do then.  Notice the 2 papaya (or paw paw as the Auzzies call it) trees.


Here is our messy living room as we haven’t found a place to put anything yet since we have no furniture.  So we are praying that in. You can see the kitchen through the pass through.  This house stays much cooler than the other house.


Josh and I and Bella’s room. Sheets are on the line drying.  Bella is laying content a rare thing lately!


Sorry I didn’t clear off the table but I thought if I tried to clean everything up you wouldn’t get any photos as it was one or the other before the baby needed me again!  The table from the landlord needs serious work as it is a shop type of table made with scrap lumber that the landlord had.  But the Oven (to have one!) is a serious upgrade for us!  Yeah!!


our tiny sink in our little bathroom.


The rest of our bathroom (shower & toilet). 

This house has hot water!


This is Pierce and Dahlias bed room.  Notice the bed goes into the doorway.  Can’t shut the door yet, but some friends of ours here had some bunk beds they are not using so they are giving them to us.  That will be great since the room is so small.

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