Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A baby shower, a sewing machine and my friends.


 I had a small baby shower for my friend Rachel the preschool teacher.



This makes child number 6 and they are in GREAT financial need.  IMG_1810

The current pay is $10 a day and they work 6 days a week and somehow they are getting less than that and after paying for bus fare they get $30 a week for a 60+ work week!!! 


I was just able to buy her a used sewing machine while in Australia so she could make the baby slings and other things to sell.  It needs a tune up and I hope it is a decent machine.  It would mean that someone who currently sleeps in two tiny rooms in a shack that is rented to multiple people could have a small source of income.  Right now they don’t make enough to always have food.  This could help them all (Rachel and her two eldest daughters 16 yrs and 18yrs) have a chance to get IMG_1820ahead by working for themselves.  Please pray that they do well.  If you are interested in helping to sponser either of her two kids in school please let me know.  Her two school age kids are Pamela and Jason 8 and 6.  School costs about $150 a year each kid including required uniforms.

Lisa’s baby Koral that she just adopted from here!  The second baby from Vanuatu to ever become a US citizen through adoption since 2005!!! I am still in the process with Bella.IMG_1903

all that said I do want to point out my American friend Lisa who lives in the US just finalized her adoption and got her child's US citizenship and has made it safely home as of yesterday!! SO it can be done!

lisa and I w girls


Mustbebest said...

children are our happiness of course. but i do not understand why we give them a birth when we know and understand we will not be financially able to bring them up.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I was so interested to come across your blog online. My son is the first child from Vanuatu that you see in the statistics...I brought him home in 2005. I'd love to hear more about your friend who did the same. I recently adopted my daughter from Vanuatu as well, so that makes 3 children who are US Citizens. Yes, it can be done.