Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The treasures and trials of life abroad

I have one again let it go too long between blogs, and I must say much has transpired since I last wrote..

My dad had a root canal WITH NO NOVOCAIN or pain killer of any kind with out any notice for that matter!!  CRAZY man, he even went back for the follow up appointment to pull the last few roots!! And yes he did get a deal..$2!  I say the service was commensurate with the pay! Or in other words you get what you pay for!

lisa bella bapa

2 of our guy dts students (like family here) got hauled off to prison to await sentencing for a minor crime committed 3 years ago that they pleaded guilty to.  They are now sitting in jail ,a square formation of shipping containers (connexes )with bars on the front that face each other to from a courtyard. They have their Bibles and a guitar hoping for what seems unlikely at the moment… a fair trial.  We are weary from the sadness and prayer that this entails.  Please be praying for Kalz and Jackson. 


I am CRAZY busy trying to get all my adoption paperwork in a row for the official adoption hearing to be held after our 3 month custody (July 19th), so we are hoping for a trial immediately after that date, and trying to arrange for an immigration interview for Bella with all the mounds of paperwork that that entails.  That has to be done in an entirely different country as there is no US embassy here in Vanuatu.  That is looking like Sydney Australia or Port Moresby Papua New Guinea.  WOW IS IT EXPENSIVE, BUT SO WORTH IT!!!!

lisa bella staring at mommy

Crazy as it sounds I have a new friend here who is going through exactly the same adoption immigration process as me who’s baby is only 2 weeks younger than mine.  So we are a great encouragement to each other.  It is so helpful having someone in the same situation to work together with. Her name is Lisa and her baby’s name is Koral (great island name isn’t it!)

lisa and I w girls

I am continuing working with Rachel and the preschool as I can and we are currently investigating foreign aid that may help with the cost of a piece of land but who knows for sure.. It would be so awesome!  We are also trying to figure out a plan of action to set up a sponsorship program for the kids many needs like school fees and food…  There is a breakfast club plan we are wanting to get into place as well but we can’t do everything at once so all in Gods timing….


Josh is currently on a small island north of Efate where we live on the island of Epi where he is helping to lead a mission adventures team from New Zealand in a water tank project.  He along with the 15 or so others is sleeping on dirt floors, eating the food they brought over as there is not much in the way of stores, living with out electricity or much water (hence the water tank project!).  I have long since lost cell phone communication with him since his battery died in his cell phone… Hopefully if there is an emergency they will find some way to contact us.  Please pray for his health as he was sick with the flu and a had a badly infected thumb (infections can be a big deal in tropical countries). He is planning on going on a wild boar hunt if the chiefs go while he is there and is heading out for a fishing trip in a dug out canoe using small crabs as bait like the locals.  I know he will enjoy that!! But we sure miss him a lot!


The kiddos are healthy other than the colds, and LOVING spending so much time with Bappa and Mimi ( my parents).  They love spending the night (Pierce) and hanging out when I need to run an errand.  They (my parents) are so much more fun than me I love it!  They come home with crafts or new bedtime stories and games its the best!  What will we do with out them!!  Bella pretty much lives in my sling and on the sofa…no fancy swings, mobiles and kick gyms here!  She seems to be more than fine though and really smiles ALOT, she will fit right in with the Neeley clan!


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Christy said...

WOW!!!!! I can't believe your dad! Is he okay now? My teeth clenched as I read that he went throught that without any kind of meds. Geez!!! Tough man! Will be praying for sustained grace and joy to make it now without Josh being physically next to you. Prayers also for the two in prison. Our Lord is amazing and I'm so glad you are there to continue His commands. Love you!