Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is going on at Preschool


A photo of us at preschool (notice even Bella is with me in the sling!)


Betina and Dahlia playing a game.


We had a Discipleship training school here from New Zealand that volunteered at our preschool recently.



Jimmy needs alot of prayer right now as his dad has lost his job and the land owner where his family has built a small shack has threatened to burn it down and cut all the trees down if His family doesn’t catch up on the rent!  Please pray because the same land owner did just burn down his cousins house right next door a few weeks ago for the same reason.


Well Pierce is singing his heart out but I think Dahlia is looking a bit tired.


Jimmy singing motions and all!  Please pray for his situation.  He will have to leave our preschool if all continues on the same track with them getting kicked out of their home for back rent.


Puppets with the New Zealand team.  The kids LOVED it!

Rachel the teacher is about to have a baby (her 6th!) In July.  She needs a better living situation so we are really praying for answers.  She currently lives in a 2 !/2 meter by 21/2 meter square room with only two small mats for everyone to sleep on.  Which just means most of the family sleeps on the hard ground.  They are behind in their rent, and I just found out have often been going hungry when their food runs out.  Of course now that I know that we are sharing whatever groceries we have and will make sure her family always has food, but it is still a hard situation for them.  Her husband works 6 days a week at a resort near us doing manual labor and only makes the going rate of the US equivalent of $10 a day.  With the cost of food here that is simply not enough.  Their room costs $50 a month and that does not come with a toilet a yard or anything!


We are trying to come up with some creative solutions for them, like helping her get supplies to make necklaces she can sell at the YWAM base to traveling teams and we are talking at YWAM about organizing and setting up a breakfast club in the village so that no one goes with out breakfast.  In the meantime we bring peanut butter and bread to the preschool  and let the kids know that if they have no breakfast (which is very common) they can come early to eat breakfast. 


We will keep you posted as we progress.  Right now we are overwhelmed with need and opportunities, but God is great so we know we can come up with some solutions.  blessings! Kristy

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