Thursday, August 28, 2008

A pretty day at hatchers with the kids (lots of em :) )

A rare day of sunshine so we headed up to Hatchers Pass with Joy davidson and her kiddos adn Ailsa Hall and her little guy Huxley. Great day! We got to see alot of old big salmon headed up stream. I love hatchers Pass wish we would have had more sun to head up there a little more. I was up with kids every time so we stuck to the basic trails. But a real hike would be pretty fun. Although Dahlia is on my back in a pack so she gives me a work out and Pierce is ball of energy so he runs ahead constantly. May the kids don't slow me down. We will have to tryo it out some sunny day if we get one more of those! Lots of rain this summer in Alaska. Oh well at least we documented one beautiful one!

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