Thursday, February 23, 2012

One of nature's best healers! 20 NEW reasons to love coconut oil!

I have only recently found out how amazing coconut oil is and it is astonishing!  When I first bought it I was planning on using it like regular cooking oil to help eliminate unhealthy fats and leaving it at that, but now I use it in so many ways.  I am reading a GREAT book called "The Healing Miracles of coconut oil" by Bruce Fife N.D., and doing some other research to find out all I can while we make the full switch over from other oils to coconut oil. I do however continue to use olive oil for my salad dressing as coconut oil becomes a solid at room temperature.   Please note that you need to buy the VIRGIN coconut oil that is the least processed.   It should be whiter, smell like coconut, and not say RBD or be cheap. Walmart sells a cheaper coconut oil that I bought in a pinch waiting for mine to arrive from Vitacost.  It says 100% pure coconut oil, all natural, etc.. HOWEVER it does not say virgin or organic.  I compared it to my virgin organic coconut oil that I get from vitacost and it is yellowish, does not smell like coconuts, and appears to be more processed.  I featr that it may be partially hydrogenated.  SO DO NOT GO CHEAP!! Buy the good stuff.  It is cheap for a reason.  Use the cheap stuff for a moisturizer but not medicinally or internally.  I spread coconut oil on my toast in place of butter and sprinkle it with a cinnamon and Xylitol mix (tastes great but the cinnamon is great for regulating blood sugar too), eat it in oatmeal, I use it as a moisturizer, for earaches, as a skin wound healer (antimicrobial), hair conditioner, etc..., but before I get ahead of myself here are my favorite 20 Reasons to love coconut oil. 
1. You can eat fat and lose weight!!
Coconut oil actually contributes to weight loss!  Fat is essential for beautiful hair, skin and nails as well as proper body function.  You NEED the right fats though, and coconut oil is a lower calorie fat that is digested and utilized different than other fats.  Other fats that we eat always end up as fat in our cells because of the way they are broken down.  Once eaten they are broken down into individual fatty acids and repackaged with protein into lipoproteins that circulate through the blood at which point the fatty acids are deposited directly into out fat cells.  Coconut oil is different in that they are NOT packaged into lipoproteins and DO NOT circulate in the boodstream.  Instead much like a carbohydrate they are sent directly to the liver to be immediatly converted into energy!  So rather than store the coconut oil as fat it converts it into energy!  They have done many studies that prove that switching from other dietary fats that are made of long chain fatty acids to the medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil results in a decrease of weight gain and a reduction in fatty deposits.  Get rid of your processed polyunsaturated vegetable oils and replace them with coconut oil, and see what a difference it makes.

2. Coconut oil help with hypothyroidism and slow metabolism.
Those with hypothyroidism suffer from a slower metabolism and a loss of energy.  Unlike carbohydrates or triglycerides like long chain fatty acids, coconut oil a medium chain fatty acid does not require special carrier enzymes to permeate the cell walls to reach the mitochondria in order to produce energy.  So it does NOT deplete your enzyme stores, and requires less of a drain on your body to turn the coconut oil immediately into energy.  Because coconut oil is easily absorbed by the energy producing parts of the cell your metabolism increases!  The burst of energy stimulates the entire body and can be physically noticed by a slightly faster heartbeat, higher body temperature, and faster metabolism.

3. Coconut oil keeps sugar cravings at bay!  
Coconut oil helps you regulate your blood sugar levels which can be the cause of sugar cravings.  In fact several studies have now proven coconut oil as an effective remedy for hypoglycemia and sugar addiction.

4. Coconut oil helps to increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals while decreasing the absorption of carbs.  

5. Coconut oil decreases your risk of heart disease, stroke and hardening of arteries. More info on this here.

6. Coconut oil increases your immune system, killing viruses, bacteria and parasites. Read here for more on this.

7. Coconut oil has been shown to be effective in slowing the progression of Alzheimer and even preventing it. Check out this article by CBN news , and this articlethat goes into more detail.

8. You can swap it out for butter or shortening in your cookie recipes and not only is incredible better for you but it even tastes better!  This is a tasty way to add in some of this delicious healing food into your day.

9. Coconut oil lowers your bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol because it is a PLANT based saturated fat which is UNLIKE saturated animal fats.  More info on this here.

10. Coconut oil has been shown to have such a remarkable effect on HIV that is is currently undergoing trials in the Philippians for the treatment of HIV.  Bruce Fife author of "The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil" has this to say regarding coconut oil's effect on HIV "Unlike the standard drugs that attack human immunodeficiency virus's genetic material, MCFAs in coconut oil simply break the virus apart. Because MCFAs in coconut oil mimic the fatty acids of the virus's coating (called lipid membrane), the antimicrobial MCFAs are readily absorbed by the unsuspecting virus, weakening its protective membrane until it breaks apart, killing the virus. What is significant thus far is that the most drug-resistant superviruses don't develop immunity to a natural mechanism." More on this here.

11. Coconut oil Gives a quick energy boost! Because coconut oil is not processed like other fats that go through the blood stream but instead is processed immediately by the liver you get an instant energy boost.  The best part is that unlike many carbohydrates and energy supplements there is not the sugar rush and crash effect.

12. Coconut oil taken daily has helped many diabetics reduce and in some cases eliminate their dependence on insulin!  Diabetes reduces the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin that is used to get glucose into the body's cells where the body will convert the glucose into energy.  Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids that are smaller and lighter than glucose enabling them to easily enter the cell for energy production with out the need for insulin. Read more here.

13.  Coconut oil Makes a great deodorant especially when mixed with cornstarch or arrowroot and some baking soda.

14. coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer for hair and skin.  Simply apply it to wet skin or hair to lock the moisture in. When applied topically it is also an effective treatment for most skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis.

15. Coconut oil replaces expensive face moisturizers.  I quit using traditional  store bought face moisturizers and find that coconut oil works way better.  I wet my face and then apply the coconut oil.

16.  Coconut oil is an effective acne treatment.  Contrary to what it would seem applying the coconut oil directly to the affected area is not only not harmful but extremely beneficial.  Coconut oil kills bacteria and acne is a bacterial infection.  Coconut oil draws out impurities so you may break out with some small white heads the first time you use it as it detoxifies, but following that your skin should begin to clear up.  Coconut oil mimics your skins natural oils and does not clog your pores.

17.  Coconut oil makes a very effective bug repellent when mixed with peppermint oil and applied to the skin.  MUCH safer than deet and said to be more effective!

18. Coconut oil all by itself makes an excellent sun screen.  Coconut oil is absorbed into the skin and the cell structure limiting the damage too much sun exposure can cause.  It also is an excellent treatment for sunburns. I know this idea of sunscreen will be seen as controversial so go research it for yourself and find another reason to slather yourself in it.

19.  Coconut oil stops the itching and burning of bug bites as well as speeding up the healing process when applied directly to a bug bite.

20.My final reason for loving coconut oil so much is that it's uses seem endless!  On top of all the above you can use it as chap stick, diaper cream, guitar string conditioner, leather conditioner, in cooking and in cleaning! But my current favorite use is for "oil pulling" an AMAZING, simple, extremely effective detox method that does not alter your food intake but produces results typical to only much more extreme detox methods such as extended juice fasts!  Learn more about "oil pulling" how to do it and what it does here.

Still don't believe me about the miraculous nature of coconut oil?  Go see what Dr. Oz has to say about it.

Looking to buy some coconut oil that is high quality and a great price?  I buy mine from vitacost.  You can use this link to get $10 off your first purchase with Vitacost and you always get free shipping with and $49 order. I love this company for my health food grocery items, vitamins, supplements, and anything you would normally go to the health food store for.  It is just so much cheaper and who doesn't want their groceries delivered?  

Oh how I love coconut oil!  The more I research it the more I LOVE IT! Tell me how you use coconut oil!  I love hearing more and more ways to use it!


Rachel said...

I looove coconut oil! I use it on daily basis for cooking. I never tried it on my skin or like deodorant but I will soon. Thanks for reminding me!

Humble wife said...

I use it as deodorant and nothing else-so far. Thanks for the post and now I have 19 more reasons to love coconut oil!

Jennifer said...

I am looking forward to using it as deoderant :-) Jennifer do you use it alone or mix it with other ingredients like cornstarch?
Rachel you will have to share your favorite recipe that has coconut oil in it :-)

Marcy Payne said...

I had no idea that coconut oil was so incredible for your health. I knew it was "good" but I didn't know all those extra things. I did some research after reading your article and found out I am high risk for dementia/Alzhiemers when I get older...soooo I will be adding this new little thing to my diet asap! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Found this on about using it as a sunscreen. The SPF of coconut oil is about 7.1. This oil’s ability to absorb UV also appears to decrease with increasing wavelength, i.e. it’s probably not providing good protection against UVA. While coconut oil is popular ingredient in commercial sunscreens, it’s not the ingredient doing the hard work.

Adele said...

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Thanks again.

Healthytips said...

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