Friday, January 30, 2009

MOVING to Vanuatu today!! Looking forward to Aukland too!

Here we go! We fly out at 4pm today from Denver. We arrive in San Fran and go dirrect from there to New Zealand. That will take over 20 hours in flight time,so Lord help us with the kids!! Please be praying! We are excited to see what God has for us since we don't know what we will be doing. What a big move for us. We have a big stroller a tote of tools and 6 pieces of luggage including a guitar and that is it. It is alot to travel with but not a ton to live with. We plan on enjoying Aukland and we will let you know how that goes. I just got this new computer (thank you office depot for a sweet deal!), so we can update photos soon as we arrive and I have a chance to load them all on. I plan on having new ones of the beach in New Zealand as well! Keep us in your prayers and we will update soon! Pray we don't have to pay too much overage for our luggage! Blessings, Kristy

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Moved to Colorado & moving to Vanuatu Jan 30th!!

We did it finally! We moved to Colorado (Trinidad, had a great Christmas in New Mexico with my sisters in laws and bought out tickets to head to Vanuatu! We leave Jan 30th and we will spend a week in Aukland New Zealand on our way. That should be a great time. I will get some photos posted some time here when I have access to internet and my camera. ( We live in a canyon with no internet, phone or tv). I guess that will just prepare us for Vanuatu! We will let everyone know our new address in Vanuatu. Meanwhile our new address in Colorado is 13901 CR 67.3 Trinidad Colorado. My parents will still be there and able to forward any mail for another month after we are there. They are coming to join us after a month or so. What an exciting adventure! Gotta say I married the right guy! Not too many guys would be up for moving to a remote Island in the South Pacific to do volunteer work and look for a job! Anyway, we love you all. Please keep in touch and pray for us. We are also planning on adopting and we will see who the Lord brings along to join our little family. Lots of Love and Happy New Year! Kristy