Sunday, May 31, 2009

The little house we just moved into


We just moved from the other house about 2 blocks away to this house.  My parents are still staying in the house we were in the village.  We moved so we could get the kids out of the village (This house is off the main road right before the village) for sickness reasons and a more convenient walk with the stroller to YWAM.  Now we can avoid the giant mud puddles that are really  hard to navigate in the stroller.  As soon as our lease is up in July my parents will move out of the other place and we will see what we do then.  Notice the 2 papaya (or paw paw as the Auzzies call it) trees.


Here is our messy living room as we haven’t found a place to put anything yet since we have no furniture.  So we are praying that in. You can see the kitchen through the pass through.  This house stays much cooler than the other house.


Josh and I and Bella’s room. Sheets are on the line drying.  Bella is laying content a rare thing lately!


Sorry I didn’t clear off the table but I thought if I tried to clean everything up you wouldn’t get any photos as it was one or the other before the baby needed me again!  The table from the landlord needs serious work as it is a shop type of table made with scrap lumber that the landlord had.  But the Oven (to have one!) is a serious upgrade for us!  Yeah!!


our tiny sink in our little bathroom.


The rest of our bathroom (shower & toilet). 

This house has hot water!


This is Pierce and Dahlias bed room.  Notice the bed goes into the doorway.  Can’t shut the door yet, but some friends of ours here had some bunk beds they are not using so they are giving them to us.  That will be great since the room is so small.

Grace upon Grace…

(written around May 19th or so)

It is weird to explain but we are finding so many other blessing in the midst of these trials.  I am sure by our 911 prayer emails it sounds like a hopeless or miserable situation but daily we are finding joy and blessing and encouragement to be here.   Although we have struggles we want to be here even though  we do miss home and the comforts that came with that like income, familiar food, and even our infrastructure in the US.

If you have never left the country for an extended amount of time on a missionary budget you may not know how hard it is, but it can be rough at times.  Everything is different even cooking and grocery shopping not to mention the differences when you suddenly find yourself with out much money to live on and are having to completely rely in faith on God to literally supply for your next trip to the grocery store.  Plus all the sickness.  The sacrifice is not with out reward though.


(this photo is from the annual celebration of when the gospel first came to Vanuatu.  The local church was congregating outside)

Blessings come in at just the right time or last minute.  In my prayer time yesterday (not usually as long as I want it to be since I now have 3 busy kids under 5!) I got Isaiah 51 which talks about Gods joy and gladness and constant salvation and was so encouraged.  I know that Gods heart for us is Joy and Gladness and reliance on Him in all times.  we are finding that in the midst of trial.

Kids - Port Vila, Church April 09 215

(Pierce with a baby turtle from when our friends took us to turtle bay with them)

Like yesterday for example.. I had a VERY trying day with the kids.  Pierce is still sick with a stomach bug, Dahlia has these blistering sores all over that are spreading (impetigo? I think it is) and my dad was still pretty laid up with his massively infected foot...I just could not get on top of things chore wise and could not find time to sit with out someone crying or needing me or trying to diffuse a situation with the kids.  So my back was tired, I was dying to read the email that had been downloaded from the internet at the base earlier by Josh but that was simply NOT GOING TO happen.  But later in the day Bella finally fell asleep (after what seemed like a whole day of holding  her and trying to get her back to sleep constantly), I had a great meeting with the teacher that I am working with at the preschool, and 3 yes I said 3 packages arrived for us, and Josh was finally feeling much better!  We had just spent our last dollar (literally) on diapers and laundry soap and our dear friends Julie and Shannon showed up with a box of food goodies that are usually too expensive to buy like imported apples, cereal, juice, special cookies and milk as well as a few other things.  What a treat!  

Then we got a package from Kathy & Becca Sanderson in Alaska filled I mean filled to the brim with treats for everyone!  Brand new gifts and clothes for Bella,Pierce and Dahlia as well as food treats for everyone!  IT was such a blessing!! We were shocked and they sent some cash that came at JUST the right time. 


And the third package came from Australia with an old staff member of Ywam that came for a visit and heard we had adopted.  Mind you this is someone we had never met or spoken to they just heard about us from our friends here.  She came with clothes for Bella and a two small stuffed animals and shirts for Pierce and Dahlia!  What a blessing. IMG_1559

(this photos is a random photo as I have a VERY thin selection of photos at the moment as ALL my photos got deleted on my computer by a virus but I have to keep my blogs picture heavy to keep you reading! So read on..)

So in the middle of a trying day God reached out and through 3 different people from 3 different countrys sent us a blessing and encouragement!  Then while Josh was out he ran into a friend from church and ended up spending the day with him and by the end of the day this friend offered us a car to use so we could take our parents up to see our land.  That was a huge blessing as we have been here almost 4 months and that has never happened (the loan of a car).  We just felt so blessed. 


(Pierce & Dahlia w/ new slippers from the Carley’s in New Zealand!)

Were we still tired, still experiencing some sickness, surrounded by laundry and broke?  Yes but by the end of the day we felt blessed, encouraged and strengthened.  God is so good. 

SO as far as sickness Josh no longer has hepatitis (PRAISE GOD!!) just a cold now, Pierce seems healthy, I have a cold and Dahlia is still suffering some kind of blistering skin infection that is causing sores., and a bad cold.  Please pray for our continued healing.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Just keeping my head above water these last two weeks.  Josh has all the symptoms of hepatitis, my parents arrived (into our 525 sq ft home) with lots of luggage & supplies, dad has a bad foot infection and can’t walk, baby crying and both girls not sleeping well at night….., new team arrived at  the ywam base BUSY!

So please pray and I will post photos and more later. 


THANK YOU ALL YOU PRAYERS!  WE sent out our 911 prayer request for us while Josh was sick and we were all going crazy with only one parent well.  The kids usually have a REALLY hard time going to bed, actually Dahlia has a hard time and sometimes Bella. IMG_1550

(Dahlia doing her sassy power walk it is so funny!)

IMG_1557 Pierce does really well.

    Every (I MEAN EVERY!!!) night she wakes up several times and wont cant whatever go to sleep with out someone laying down with her for a while (usually till she is almost asleep and we sneak out, then she notices screams crys and eventually  I go in again...)  Last night was awful she wouldn't fall asleep and I was SO tired and Bella wouldn't sleep, so they took turns crying till late, and the house was a mess, cause I couldn't do anything but feed and hold Bella and get meals.

Dahlia & Bella on bed (the two culprits!! )

Poor Josh was out on the couch really sick with a stomach bug or food poisoning... And today started the same..Josh is still sick but since the kids were exhausted we started them to bed very early and BECAUSE OF YOUR PRAYERS we had EVERYONE (kids) in bed quiet by 7! with out another peep!! NOTHING!! we were even able to watch a movie with out one single interuption,,, (well almost Josh's stomach flared up a bit but still )AMAZING!!  Can I just say again that NEVER happens.  THANK YOU GOD!! We are so blessed by your prayers.  WE needed that peace and quiet to recharge for the next day.  we were running on fumes!  We watched Fireproof what an awesome movie!!  Thank you all so much for your prayers.  just wanted to let you know right away they are working and we are feeling them!  Love you guys, Kristy

PS mom and dad hope you are not expecting an immaculate home with a guest room!  We will be giving you our living room with a sheet for a wall (that is if you brought a spare one! he he), and we will aim to have the dishes done and to hide the laundry!  Love you guys can’t wait!