Monday, June 4, 2012

A BIG list of fun learning websites to keep the learning going all summer long!

Here is a list of some great websites to keep the learning going all summer!  I got this list from my son's online school program.  Hope you enjoy it!  We have a summer schedule to keep the boredom away and keep the learning going strong all summer.  It includes 20 min of practicing a skill every day, 30 minutes of learning, 30 min of reading, and journaling every day.  That is only the learning portion there are some chores in there too, but this list makes a helpful addition to finding fun ways to spend those allotted time chunks.  He has his own chore chart with the above items on it so he can gauge where he is, and at the end of the week we earn a trip to dairy queen, the park, etc... for getting it all done.  Here you go!
For all subject areas and grade level specific topics: -You can use a trial session to do these games or sign up and pay for membership. It does have good interactive games to play. - great website for many different subjects
PBS Kids have some great shows and this website has great activities
Language Arts/Phonics/Literature: - has links to some great websites hitting phonics -all grade levels has access to printable worksheets–great phonics website -Houghton Mifflin Website - from the PBS kids show Wordgirl
JumpStart Reading software:
3rd grade math:
5th grade math:
6th grade math:
Good interactive websites:
From the PBSkids show cyberchase:
Math fact websites: -Practice those math facts this summer with printable sheets perfect for timed tests –for timed tests in +, - and x – print off your own timed tests or practice math facts - online math quizzes for math facts
Summer Reading Ideas/Lists:
Great website for finding books by a theme:
Writing: - A great resource for anything and everything that has to do with writing



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I love the ideas in this post. I have favorited some of those. Thank you so much!!

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So glad you guys are finding it useful! Enjoy!