Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - DIY customizable purse hanger

DIY purse and handbag hanger with a mini tutorial. 
I made this purse hanger for my sister as it is a great solution to having purses all over the floor or on the top shelf of your closet.  It saves space and makes purses and handbags easy to see and get to.  

It is basically a long strip of fabric with a grommet on top to hang it with and loops sewn in to hold metal rings that open and snap closed to hold purses. 

The first step is just to sew whatever length strip of fabric you choose into a tube leaving a 3 inch gap in the center of one side for turning and turn it inside out.  Now tuck the top and bottom ragged ends in and pin then top stitch all the way around making sure to enclose the top and bottom ragged edges and the 3 inch gap you used for turning it inside out. You should now have a completely finished strip of fabric that is top stitched all the way around and is about 2 inches wide by your desired length.  Add a grommet to the top using a grommet tool to make it easy to hang.

Look at what purses you have to hang and notice their size and shape as that will help you customize where you want to place your clips on the strip.  You will notice I did not place them evenly as I wanted to allow for some smaller purses and some larger purses.
 Once you have decided and marked with a pin where you want the clips, you will fold the fabric strip to form a small loop on the FRONT of your purse hanger just big enough to slide the ring clip into.  Continue sewing the loops into the fabric in the appropriate spaces on the FRONT of the fabric strip to allow for ample room between purses or to allow a certain number of purses to fit on the strip.  
Slide all the ring clips into the loops and use the grommet to hang it on a hook or nail in your closet or back of a door.  Here come the fun part!  Pull all your beautiful purses out of the closet and move them to your customized purse hanger!  Hope this helps!  It is also a great way to easily see what purses you have so that you are more apt to use them.


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What a GREAT idea!! I can do that! Thanks!