Friday, May 13, 2011

START YOUR OVENS!! The 6 ingredient or less challenge is on!

A friend from Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care challenged me to have a weekly series on recipes with 6 ingredients or less.. Not one to pass on challenges I went for it and you all are invited!
This is one of my go to meals.. Recipe to be revealed later. ( I know the suspense is killing you!)
Note the reflection in the counter of hungry boy waiting for his lunch his crazy mom is photographing!
To keep it fun and fresh I am asking all of you to come up with as many recipes as you can with 6 ingredients or less.  We are looking for healthy recipes with no red meat or pork that are creative and delicious. And if you can't muster creative delicious will do!
Another quick hearty healthy dish I will tell you about later.....
As a side note those gorgeous glossy counters you see are an inexpensive DIY
paint treatment we applied RIGHT OVER our outdated laminate. (You heard me!) Tutorial to come.
 If you need a little competition to get you going we will make it a contest.  I will name the weekly winner of the best, most inventive recipe..better yet I will let you all vote during the week! Send those recipes to the blog in the comments section located under every post.  Ready Set GO! Get cooking! OK I will let you sleep on it and get back to me in the morning if you must.
To be honest I have to check if this one can in fact be done in 6 ingredients
 or less...But it is DELICIOUS either way!  Guess why you only get a photo of a single piece.
It was scarfed down way to fast for you to see the whole thing.
There are some things you just can't wait for.
Look for the comment button right under this post and start sending me recipes...

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