Friday, April 8, 2011

Owl cupcake cake! Lots of fun and easy to eat.

We had lots of fun making this owl cake made from cupcakes.  My frosting was a little too runny cause I just couldn't bear to keep adding powdered sugar but other than that it went great!

To get started you need cupcakes, frosting, sweetened shredded coconut, gingersnaps or other flat round dark cookies, and pretzel rods.

Here is how to do it..
Make cupcakes.  Tint most of the frosting green or brown for a more realistic owl, and leave a small amount white, and an even smaller amount needs to be tinted orange for the beak and claws.  Now cut several ginger snaps in half being careful not to break them into a bunch of pieces.  Cut one into a triangle for the beak shape.

Set the cupcakes up on the platter in this pattern.  Two frosted in white on top for eyes. A row of three frosted green followed by a row of four in green, followed again by a row of 3 also in green, with a row of two frosted white after that as pictured.  Now sprinkle the shredded coconut over the belly area and then place the gingersnap halves on the edges in two rows as pictured to form wings.  Take two whole gingersnaps and frost a small circle in the middle for the whites of the eyes and use a small dark candy for the iris of the eye.  Now place them on the top two cupcakes to complete the eyes.  Place the orange frosted triangle cookie piece in between the eyes as pictured.  To create the sticks at the bottom arrange several pretzel rods to your liking.  Now frost the claws onto the pretzel rods and you are done!

I got the idea here Owl cupcake cake by family fun magazine

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Andrea said...

Wow! Great job on the owl! Found your blog through our similar interests, really cute! said...

Thanks Andrea! Enjoy the blog!

Anonymous said...

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