Friday, June 26, 2009

The best part of being here…

We love feeling like we are here for a reason.  That is what keeps us going.  Lately I have been just spending time with kids that don’t have much in the way of money or life.  I find it really fulfilling to see hurting kids just being fed and loved.  Here are a few photos.


Pierce Dahlia and Angelina enjoying some popcorn at night before we walked her home.  She even stayed for bedtime stories.


My kiddos and with the other kids at preschool while we had a New Zealand team in to volunteer that day with puppets etc..


The three musketeers at the park in Port Vila.  We took Angelina and it was one of the first times in a REALLY long time she had ever gotten to go to town. 

IMG_1701  Angelina on the slide.


One of Rachael the teachers daughters up our coconut tree getting us coconuts to eat with the kids we had over that day.  Yes she climbed that tree and it is VERY TALL!

IMG_1745 The preschool watching the volunteers use puppets to tell stories. IMG_1762_edited-1

Dahlia, Nicole, and Jimmy at our house playing in the back yard one day after preschool.


Rachel the teacher holding Dahlia in preschool.  We recently found out Rachel often does not have enough food to feed her family so we along with my parents try to help out whenever we can with food.  Please be praying for her and her 6 kids.  She is due with the 7th in July.


Jimmy is a sweet boy who is not getting the love and attention he needs at home and still needs help with daily necessities.  We are finding that to be very common in our preschool. 

We are working on creating a sponsorship program to figure out the amount needed monthly to cover school fees, uniforms, food and help with their  families rent.  Please be thinking about this as we work out how much it will be.  We will taken NONE of it for overhead and ALL will go dirrectly to the kids families.  We will also be working out a way to check in to see if it is being properly spent on the children.

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