Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A journey through Vanuatu


Vanu what?  Where?  Vanuatu is a group of islands in the south pacific with a population of only 206,000 spread over 83 islands, know most recently in the US for its debut in “Survivor Fire Island”.

Famous for its wildly intriguing tales of cannibalisms, missionary martyrs, live volcanoes, primitive tribes inside the thick jungle and azure beaches second to none, it is a fascinating mix of romance and mystery.  I am at the moment in the busy island of Efate near the capital city of Port Vila.  We live (my husband Josh and two small kids Dahlia 2yrs and Pierce 4 yrs) in the village of Pango a 10 minute drive to the city. 

Please feel free to interact and post questions, quotes or comments.


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